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Register a Company in Cuba

Register a Company in Cuba

The foreign investments in Cuba are regulated by the“Foreign Investment Act” from 2014. The company formation services we offer in Cuba are customized to suit your particular needs and requirements, whether you are a private individual or an already established company. We have a team of experts who can also assist you on the procedure required in order to register a company in Cuba.

Registration of a Cuban Company with the Business Register

According to the Foreign Investment Act, before the beginning of activities, joint ventures and investors who assemble international economic association agreements, as well as entirely foreign companies, are granted all the required public notarial deeds within 30 days from the date of the notification of the Authorization. In maximum 30 days following this act, the above mentioned deeds have to be entered in the Business Register.

Obtaining approval for your business in Cuba  

After the foreign investor followed the steps of starting a business in Cuba as an international economic association or an entirely foreign capital firm, he has to obtain the approval of business from different agencies of the State of the country. These agencies can be, depending on the particularities of each investment, as follows:

•    Council of State –  it approves foreign investments if:

1.    non-renewable natural resources are prospected or exploited, with certain exceptions, or
2.    the foreign investment concerns the management of public services (e.g. transports, communication, electricity and others).
After the investment has been approved by the Council of State, the Council of Ministers issues the Authorization.

•    Council of Ministers –  it approves the foreign investment and issues the Authorization in certain conditions. Our team of company formation agents in Cuba can tell you what these conditions are.

•    Head of the State Central Administration bodies: The Minister of Foreign Trade and Investments and The Minister of Tourism.

With extensive experience in company formation matters in Cuba, our firm offers the advantages of broad knowledge and skills in business formation in this country. Our services include guidance on how to register a company in Cuba, therefore if you need any more information please do not hesitate to contact us