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Buy a Shelf Company in Cuba

Buy a Shelf Company in Cuba

Shelf companies are companies that have previously been opened and which are left “to age” in order to have a longer track record, however they do not have any business activities untill they are bought by an entrepreneur. The most important advantage of such a company is that an investor can begin his or her activities sooner compared to the situation in which he or she would register a  brand new entity. 

Reasons for purchasing a shelf company in Cuba

Generally, entrepreneurs buy a shelf company in Cuba because of the following reasons:

  • To save the time it takes to register a new company in Cuba;
  • To have the opportunity to be able to bid on contracts. In some cases, it is required that a corporation already has a period of time in which it has been in business in order to be able to do so;
  • To demonstrate corporate durability to attract investors and clients;
  • To have access to corporate credit.

Our company formation advisors in Cuba can offer you more details on this matter.

Other advantages of a shelf company in Cuba

Other advantages of a shelf company in Cuba include a shortened period of time for starting commercial activities, creditworthiness and a clean and safe backround for the business. It is though advisable that foregn investors effectuate their appropriate due dilligence on the company, the same as when buying an existing Cuban one. The research is necessary in order to ensure that the company is in fact free of any liabilities.


Buying a shelf company in Cuba is a powerful instrument with certain unique advantages for entrepreneurs and their customers. A shelf corporation does not have to be expensive, and purchasing a simple shelf company in Cuba without any distinctive add-ons could save you on your capital and reduce the risks. 

If you are interested in acquiring a shelf company, please contact our experienced company formation agents in Cuba.