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Business Register in Cuba

Business Register in Cuba

Before beginning their activities in Cuba, joint ventures and foreign and local investors who are part of international economic association agreements, as well as entirely foreign capital businesses, have 30 days from the date of notification of the Authorization to submit all the needed public notarial documentation; and in the following maximum 30 days all the documents have to be entered into the Business Register in Cuba. Our Cuba company formation advisers can provide more details on this matter. 

The Cuban Chamber of Commerce

Certain types of companies who wish to start doing business must registerin Cuba with the Cuban Chamber of Commerce. These types of business entities can be:

  • Branches and agents of representation of foreign companies;
  • Importers and exporters; and
  • Travel agencies.

Registration of importers and exporters in Cuba

Because of the recent restructuring of the Cuban Foreign Trade, there has been a significant increase of the volume of companies which have the right to undertake activities of exportation and importation in Cuba. Therefore, the Registry of Exporters and Importers was created, which is attached to the Cuban Chamber of Commerce.

In order to be able to register with the Registry of Exporters and Importers from within the Chamber of Commerce in Cuba, this type of companies have to submit the following documents:

  • a letter of request;
  • a copy of the ONAT Form;
  • a NIT copy;
  • pay the set see for each particular case.

The commercial registration of importers and exporters in Cuba is effectuated through MINCEX (Cuba’s Minister of Foreign Trade and Investment), which is authorized to approve the code for the goods the company is accredited to directly import and export. However, the acquisition of products and services on the local market is encouraged, if they are in accordance with the conditions of the international market. 

The principles and main standards which are compulsory for the companies approved to undertake products imports and exports in the Country are defined by the Resolution No. 50/2014 of MINCEX. 

If you need to know more about the business register regimen in Cuba, please contact us.