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Company Formation Services in Cuba

Made by a team of professionals with broad experience in business development in this countryour firm focusses on business formation services in Cuba

Whether you intend to be a direct investor or to invest in shares or other public or private securities in Cuba, the business environment in this country can offer great advantages. We provide company formation services for foreign entrepreneurs looking to open a company in Cuba.

Services That We Offer

The company formation services that our lawyers in Cuba offer are:

  • Opening a company: We assist foreign investors to start a business in Cuba;
  • Establishing a branch of a foreign company: If your company wants to expand in this country, our specialists can advise you on the procedure required in order to open a branch office in Cuba;
  • Setting up a virtual office: We can provide customized virtual office services;
  • Opening a subsidiary: Foreign investors interested in expanding their businesses in Cuba also have the option of setting up a subsidiary.
  • Acquiring a shelf company: We can assist foreign investors to acquire an already opened business in Cuba.
  • Accounting services: Our consultants also provide tax planning and advice services.

What are the benefits of opening a business in Cuba?

Among the Cuba company formation services that we offer, we also advise you on the types of guarantees and incentives the State of this country offers to foreign investors. As stated by the legislation of Cuba, these are as follows:

  • Foreign investments are protected and cannot be expropriated, unless demanded by reasons of public interest, according to the Constitution of Cuba, the international treaties signed by this country and its laws, with appropriate compensation;
  • The State guarantees the free transfer outside its borders, in convertible currency, exempt from taxes or other fees of the dividends or profit gained by the entrepreneur;
  • Foreign investments in Cuba are protected against legal claims by third parties;
  • The foreign entrepreneur can sell or transfer his rights to the State, the parties of the company or a third party, if it is formerly authorized by the government;
  • Foreign investments have a special tax system until the deadline for this special tax system is due; 
  • The State of Cuba guarantees that the benefits of foreign entrepreneurs and their investments are kept for the entire period for which they were set;
  • The term of the authorization set for the enlargement of operations can be prolonged by the authority that set it, if such an extension is demanded by the persons concerned before the established deadline terminates.

What are the most profitable industries when starting a business in Cuba?

The government of Cuba encourages certain types of investments in this country, but under strict control. The industries that attracted the most foreign investments in Cuba are:

  • agriculture, 
  • mining, 
  • petroleum, 
  • processing industries, 
  • tourism, 
  • transport, 
  • construction and construction materials,
  • communications. 

Foreign investments are allowed in all activity sectors, except health, education and defense. If you wish to find out more about the company formation services in Cuba that we offer, please feel free to contact us