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Virtual Office in Cuba

Virtual Office in Cuba

virtual office in Cuba is commonly a managed telephone answering or email exchanging service which receives and distributes telephone or email messages on behalf of a business. The company which utilizes this service generally does not have stable office premises or hire normal reception or customer contact personnel. Therefore, the virtual office or business center ensures a modality to receive and distribute messages and calls when not able to deal with customer inquests. The main aim of a virtual office is to ensure that customer contact is received and can be followed up by the person who is in charge of such duties within the business. Therefore, if you are looking to open a company in Cuba, a virtual office can be the right alternative.

Services provided by a virtual office in Cuba

virtual office in Cuba implies the utilization of space, however the full range of services can include professional live communications. These services are:

  •  Communication services: These can include:
    • remote receptionist;
    • virtual assistant;
    • answering services/call centers;
    • voicemail;
    • virtual office space;
    • telephone answering.
  • Space services: These might imply:
    • business address;
    • mailing address;
    • open envelope scanning;
    • reception welcoming;
    • space for business meetings;
    • casual workspace;
    • different amenities;
    • virtual receptionist;
    • other services like company formation consultations, business cards and websites.

Low cost of a virtual office in Cuba

Virtual offices in Cuba are reputed for increasing in popularity. While companies are looking to cut down expenses, a virtual office can help reduce the costs of opening an actual office in while offering high level of professional services. As an example, a business can lower its expenses by paying for space and communications only when needed. Traditional receptionists can be replaced with remote ones at a fraction of the full-time basis price. The mobility of technology nowadays enables a more flexible work environment as well. A virtual office in Cuba can enable low-cost expansion without any long-term obligations. 

If you are interested in opening a virtual office, please contact our Cuba company formation advisors.